First Afghan surfer wants to inspire a new generation of Afghan surfers – yes...

Afridun Amu has become the first Afghan surfer to compete in the ISA World Surfing Games, held this May in Biarritz, France.Remember Eric the Eel? How about...
Beercycling concert revellers collapse in exhaustion after a hard days beer making (Wikipedia)

Beercycling Danish brewer is quite literally taking the pisner

Ever heard of the term beercycling? No, we haven't either. Always willing to take new ideas on board we're intrigued by the concept of recycling urine to...
The mail me to the GOP website proposes to deliver remains to Republican congressman. (Wikipedia)

Mail me to the GOP website couriers ashes of ‘victims’ to Republican congressmen

A new website called Mail me to the GOP has recently been set-up by Zoey Salisbury, a student at the American University in Washington.The website offers to...
Colombian woman eats 7000 dollars in argument with husband (Reuters)

How on earth did woman swallow $7,000 during fight with husband?

Media outlets are awash with the story of a 30 year old Colombian woman who gobbled up $7,000. The woman from the Colombian city of Bucaramanga resorted...
Having let her gym membership lapse Miriam resorted to napping at home.

Napercise classes offer respite to tired gym-goers

A UK gym chain is offering 'Napercise' classes where you can sleep for 45 minutes. The David Lloyd group has come up with the novel solution for...
Shenzen Police punishing driver

Shenzen police discipline unruly drivers with unusual full beam headlight punishment

Shenzen Police have devised an unusual approach for unruly drivers who illegally dazzle other road users with full beam headlights.
Old shape Toblerone chocolate bar

Toblerone’s new shape inadvertently reduces dental carnage

Pesky chocolate executives have struck again and tinkered with another iconic symbol from the world of confectionary.

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