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Cat Poop Coffee: The Dark Side of the Luxury Beverage

Kopi luwak, otherwise known as "cat poop coffee," is the world's most expensive coffee. But there's a dark side to the industry, which has been criticized in recent years.

What is Vegan Leather Anyway?

Is vegan leather ethical? It depends, but a new generation of vegan leather products are trying to usurp real leather as a sustainable replacement.

You Need to Know about the Loudest Sound Ever

In 1883, a volcano erupted on a small island in Indonesia with such force that it tore the island in two and resulted in the Loudest Sound Ever.

Cocaine Bear of Kentucky: When Animals Go Wild

Pablo EskoBear died after ingesting 40 kg of cocaine. He now stands as a lesson to us all in the Kentucky for Kentucky Fun Mall.

Church of Euthanasia: How Far Would You Go to Save the Planet?

A religious organization founded in 1992, the Church of Euthanasia was known for its radical acts to save the planet by reducing the number of humans in it.

La Pascualita: The Mexican Corpse Bride

Legend has it that this mannequin in a bridal shop in Chihuahua, Mexico, is the shop owner's daughter, who died on her wedding day.

Black Diamond Apples: The Rare, Tibetan, High Altitude Fruit

Grown in the mountainous region of Nyingchi, Tibet, Black Diamond apples are such a deep purple color that they appear black.

Queering the Map: Documenting memories, moments and experiences

A collaborative mapping project created by Montreal-based Lucas LaRochelle, Queering the Map started as a class project, which has since grown to a shared community space for all.

Depressed? Try Hugging An Emotional Support Alligator

Wally, a five-foot-long alligator, is a registered emotional support alligator who helps Joie Henney of York County, Pennsylvania, deal with his depression.

Must Read

Lethologica: The Word That’s on the Tip of Your Tongue

Have you ever tried to pluck a word from memory and it just doesn't come to mind? The term can often seem within our grasp but tantalisingly beyond reach. Meet lethologica.

George Eyser: Swept the 1904 Olympics And Then Disappeared

German-American athlete George Eyser won six Olympic medals in one day, and did it all with a wooden leg. So whatever happened to him?

Lucky Diamond Rich: The World’s Most Tattooed Person

Lucky Diamond Rich is a street artist and performer from New Zealand. He also happens to be the world's most tattooed person.

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