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The Garden Hermit by Odd Feed

The Garden Hermit: The Living, Breathing Garden Gnome of the 18th Century

While cute garden gnomes are common in modern gardens, in the grand estate gardens of 18th-century England, one might have met their melancholy ancestor: the ornamental hermit, an actual human being hired to live a life of seclusion and contemplation, for the sake of being a picturesque addition to the landscape of the wealthy.

Pelorus Jack, a Risso's dolphin, joyfully guiding ships through the swift currents between D'Urville Island and the mainland amidst the serene beauty of New Zealand's Marlborough Sounds.

Pelorus Jack: The Guiding Dolphin of Colonial New Zealand

Pelorus Jack was an extraordinary Risso’s dolphin renowned for guiding colonial ships through treacherous waters in New Zealand. Revered by the Māori people, they held a firm belief that he was in fact Tuhirangi, a mythical taniwha or protective spirit, who had chosen to take the form of a dolphin to safeguard seafarers on their voyages.