Anne Halton

Due to advances in materials, it can be difficult to tell the difference between garments made from real leather and those manufactured from vegan leather. (Photo: Pixy/Luanna Strawbridge)

What is Vegan Leather Anyway?

Is vegan leather ethical? It depends, but a new generation of vegan leather products are trying to usurp real leather as a sustainable replacement.

Laila Laurel's humourous approach to tackling manspreading won her the prestigous Belmond Award for emerging talent (Photo:

Anti manspreading chair ticks the box for innovation

Humour is often overlooked when trying to tackle and raise awareness of social issues. That’s not an accusation you can level at British designer Laila Laurel. Laurel’s anti manspreading chair is a funny and clever take on how to deal with the ills of man-spreading.

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