3D Printed Food Could be Dripping Down Chins Soon

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Tangible Media Group have decided that we all deserve something a bit different at dinner time. Pushing the boundaries in 3D...
Diabetes cured. Pete and Larry are now determined to lower their cholesterol levels.

Diabetes cured in mice – mice ecstatic, monkeys cautiously optimistic

Lab mice have been cured of diabetes by two researchers from UT San Antonio. Bruno Doiron and  Ralph A DeFronzo have successfully treated mice with Type 1 diabetes. The...
The mine at Sidi Chennane where Chenanisaurus barbaricus was discovered(Emmanuel Gheerbrant)

Last dinosaur found: African T-Rex discovered in Moroccan mine

Phosphate mines don't normally conjure up images of intrepid paleontologist's and fantastic discoveries of a last dinosaur.Nope, phosphate mines on the whole are rather dull, unless you're...

Cute dinosaur reveals chameleon-like super powers

3D sculpture of Psittacosaurus dinosaur hailed as most realistic ever. Super cute dinosaur had advanced defence system to deal with T-Rex like predators.
The tree man Abul Bajandar

The Tree Man beats disease and holds daughter for the first time

Tree Man, Abul Bajandar, has new hope in finally beating the disease as he holds his 3 year old daughter for the first time.
Dave the worm

Dave the worm executed after smashing world record

Dave the worm is the sad tale of a record breaking earthworm. Dave was sacrificed in the name of science by staff at the British Natural History Museum.

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