Casa del Arbol, a.k.a. Swing at the End of the World, near Baños, Ecuador. (Photo: Wikimedia/Rinaldo Wurglitsch)

La Casa del Arbol and the Swing at the End of...

Treehouse at the edge of the world offers visitors a ride of a lifetime
Laila Laurel's humourous approach to tackling manspreading won her the prestigous Belmond Award for emerging talent (Photo:

Anti manspreading chair ticks the box for innovation

Humour is often overlooked when trying to tackle and raise awareness of social issues. That's not an accusation you can level at British designer Laila Laurel. Laurel's anti manspreading chair is a funny and clever take on how to deal with the ills of man-spreading.
Serres Séparées at Mediamatic, Amsterdam. (Photo: Mediamatic/Willem Velthoven)

Amsterdam vegan restaurant offers greenhouse dining to outfox COVID-19

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. It's even more relevant if you plan on dining inside aforementioned glass house. Dutch restaurant Mediamatic Biotoop have thought of a cunning plan, involving long planks of wood and greenhouses, to further the cause of post corona dining.
The Tunnel of Love near Klavan, Ukraine. (Photo: Wikimedia/greentourua)

The improbable tale of the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

There is a real tree-lined Tunnel of Love near Klevan in the Ukraine. It was originally planted to camouflage a military base during the Cold War. Tourists now flock to the picturesque site for romantic strolls and photo opportunities. There's a small caveat, it's still a working railway used by the local plywood factory.

Try a Virtual Escape Room and Spice Up Your Next Zoom...

A Seattle based company has managed to adapt to survive and thrive in tough pandemic conditions. Puzzle Break developed their first virtual escape room in just 3 weeks. Their success has meant 50% of their staff have been brought back from furlough.
B&M Canned bread. A firm staple of the New Englander diet. (Photo: mccun934/Flickr)

Canned Bread – Yes, it’s a thing and been around for...

Canned bread might just be the ideal canapé base for apocalypse dining. However, in New England, it's been around for centuries where it is a quintessential childhood tradition
A cross sea or square waves in the ocean seen from Phares des Baleines (Lighthouse of the Whales) on Île de Ré. (Photo: Wikimedia/Michel Griffon)

Square waves in the ocean: A beautiful but deadly phenomenon

Square waves in the ocean are a phenomenon which you may observe on the Isle de Ré in France and in some parts of...
The Bob Semple Tank used corrugated iron instead of armour plating. Fortified by 6 bren guns it housed a crew of 8. Only 3 were ever built for a total cost of £10,225. (Photo: YouTube/New Zealand Archives)

The Bob Semple Tank: Worst Tank Ever

When his country needed him Bob Semple stepped forward. Some wished he hadn't bothered. Fearing Japanese invasion, New Zealand desperately needed to boost an armoured force which only numbered 6 Bren guns in the whole country. The Bob Semple Tank was born.
Woman on a train reading a book whilst wearing motion sickness glasses. (Source: Citroen)

Motion sickness glasses could banish the travel sickness blues

Travel or motion sickness can be the scourge of a well planned family vacation. However, a French car maker has invented motion sickness glasses that could allow sufferers to pack up their motion sickness woes for good.