Lonomia obliqua is the deadliest caterpillar in the world. Native to South America it Bristles with hollow hairs that can puncture the skin of a grown man and inject a flow of deadly toxins. (Photo: Wikimedia/Centro de Informações Toxicológicas de Santa Catarina)

The Deadliest Caterpillar On The Planet – Lonomia obliqua

You may be familiar with the children's book 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. It's the innocent tale of a hungry caterpillar who eats his way through the week. Another caterpillar, Lonomia obliqua, is nothing like that. In fact Lonomia obliqua is the deadliest caterpillar in the world.
Eric was really, really, really, ridiculously good looking, but it came at a steep price. (Photo: Wikimedia/SusuMa)

Popular wild animals found to be disadvantaged

If you're an endangered wild animal and ridiculously good looking then it could be a distinct disadvantage. A study has found the most popular endangered species are seen so often in the media that it creates a false impression of well being.
The Land of Oz, a long-dormant Wizard of Oz-themed adventure park in North Carolina, will open its gates once again for a surprise six days of adventure this June

Once-deserted Land of Oz Theme Park Opens for Summer Season

The once-deserted Land of Oz Theme Park in North Carolina will open gates once again for a surprise six days of adventure this June.

Surfer Outruns Mother of All Waves in Nazaré, Portugal

Sebastian Steudtner, a 32 year old from Nürnberg in Germany, is a professional big wave surfer. Yes it's a real job! Although we reckon...
The battle for a 28 hour working week has already led to 'warning strikes' at 80 companies throughout Germany. (Photo:Wikimedia)

Achtung Baby – 3.9 Million German Workers Demand 28-Hour Working Week

A German union is making the case for a 28-hour shortened work week in a bid to secure an improved work-life balance for it's members.
This Dixie paper cup sold for $3300 on Ebay. Why? It was allegedly used by Elvis whilst he stopped off in Tulsa in 1956 for a performance. (Photo: Ebay)

Want a Crumpled Paper Cup Used by Elvis? Too Late, It...

A crumpled paper cup allegedly used by The King of Rock and Roll 62 years ago has just sold for thousands of dollars on Ebay.
The ice labyrinth at Snowlandia in Zakopane can be a lonely and unforgiving environment. So, a great place to take the kids! (Photo: Snowlandia)

Snowlandia, the World’s Biggest Snow Labyrinth – Become a Real Life...

Zakopane is already a popular destination for winter sports but the town has another reason you'd want to visit, Snowlandia, the world's biggest snow labyrinth.
Women only parking spaces in China have sparked a debate of sexism vs safety measure. (Photo: Sina Weibo)

Women-only parking spaces trigger discrimination claims in China

From shopping malls to gas stations, over-sized, pink, female-only parking spaces are springing up in China. The initiative has stirred controversy amid claims that woman-only parking spaces enforce a stereotype of bad female drivers.
No, it's not the Japanese version of Thomas the Tank Engine. Trains like these struck Sika deer and other wild animals 613 times in 2016. The introduction of barking trains has reduced deer sightings by 45% alongside railway tracks. (Photo: Wikimedia)

Barking Trains Protect Death Wish Japanese Sika Deer

Mention Japanese trains and most people will conjour up an image of the Japanese Bullet train or Shinkansen hurtling through the Land of the...