Fancy a sandwich? Hop into a flying bathtub drone with The...

You're starving. There's nothing in the fridge. Most people would go back to bed. Not The Real Life Guys, a trio of German engineers, who jump into their bathtub drone and banish their hunger pangs with a sandwich from the local bakery.

Fast food automation and the rise of the burger flipping robot

Pasadena based Miso Robotics have created Flippy, a super smart burger flipping robot, which could herald a new era in fast food automation.
Lines of cocaine

Spanish Officials Pull The Plug on Cocaine Crushing Cards

After increasing pressure Bilbao health officials have halted a scheme which distributed cocaine crushing cards to local drug users.
Stray dogs in Thailand could get the chance to protect local communities by being fitted with smart vests. (Photo: Wikimedia/Ravi Gill)

The Real Life PAW Patrol Saving The Streets Of Bangkok

An ad agency in Thailand wants to equip stray dogs with “smart vests” and turn them into the guardian watchdogs of Bangkok.
The fighting Kung Fu nuns of the Drupka Order. The Kung Fu nuns teach self-defense and help the needy throughout the Himalayas. (Photo: Wkimedia/Drukpa Publications Pvt. Ltd)

The Kung Fu Nuns Helping Women Become Fast as Lightning

The Drupka kung fu nuns of Nepal are spreading their own message of equality and helping vulnerable women fight back against sexual predators.
Penelope Gazin and Kate Dwyer, co-founders of Witchsy needed to overcome startup sexism. The obvious answer? A fake co-founder called Keith Mann (Photo: Flickr/frankieleon)

Avoid startup sexism with a fake male co-founder

Penelope Gazin and Kate Dwyer are founders of online art marketplace Witchsy. To stop startup sexism the pair invented a male co-founder, Keith Mann.
The Annabelle doll. We're led to believe she does her own make-up. (Photo: Youtube)

Annabelle doll keeps train commuters on the right track

The Annabelle doll has been spooking commuters across Asia with mixed results. Malaysian operator RapidKL were the latest to spot the malevolent marionette.
Kim Jong Un at the 2016 Rosenmontag parade. (Photo: Wikimedia/Marco Verch)

Serbian Scissorhands invents the Kim Jong Un haircut

Serbian barber, Mario Hvala, deals with geo-political crisis differently. Shaving a portrait of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un onto a customers head.

Meals are Free At The Chennai Community Fridge

A local doctor, Dr. Issa Fathima Jasmine, supported by her community is spearheading the fight against hunger with the Chennai community fridge.