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People Finnish soldier Aimo Koivunen fleeing Russian soldiers during World War Two.

Aimo Koivunen: The Soldier Saved by Crystal Meth

On patrol during World War Two, Finnish soldier Aimo Koivunen was given a bottle of amphetamine tablets to energize his platoon. When escaping a Russian assault, he fell behind and frantically ingested around 30 pills at once. The ensuing experience was utterly unforgettable.

People Oil painting of Nicola de la Haye. Sheriff of Lincolnshire and Castellan of Lincoln Castle in 12th century England.

Nicola de la Haye – “The Woman Who Saved England”

Nicola de la Haye, a remarkable woman in a male-dominated era, fearlessly defended Lincoln Castle during two sieges, ultimately changing the course of the First Barons’ War. She showed exceptional military leadership and steadfast defense of her people, securing victory for King Henry III with her loyalty and strategic brilliance.

Culture A fabulous male model displaying excessive amounts of zhoosh.

Zhoosh: The Word That Can’t Be Spelled

The verb “zhoosh” or “zhuzh” signifies revitalizing or enhancing a look, giving it a fresh and lively appearance. Although its origins trace back to the 1960s, the precise spelling of the word remains a subject of debate.

Life A painting of the Byford Dolphin diving bell floating in the North Sea.

The Grisly Truth Behind the Byford Dolphin Accident

The Byford Dolphin accident was a notorious 1983 disaster in the North Sea that instantly killed four oil rig divers and an attending technician. All five crew members died due to explosive decompression, but the factors that caused the accident are poorly understood, unlike its gruesome aftermath.