Ramune Marble Soda (Photo: Flickr/soda gomi)

Ramune, the Japanese soda invented by a Scot

Who would have thought that a drink invented by a Scot in the 19th century would become a mainstay of Japanese pop-culture.
Jenny Hanniver

Jenny Haniver: The Original Fake Mermaid

Everyone has a side hustle these days don't they? Even 16th century sailors took part in the gig economy by making particularly horrendous looking Jenny Hannivers for extra income. However, these 'devil fish wouldn't look out of place on the movie set of Aliens.
Snap Crackle and Pop

The Snap! Crackle! Pop! Origin Story

Snap, Crackle and Pop have been around since 1932 and pocketed their creator, Vernon Grant, a cool $250,000. They even have a lesser known fouth 'band member' called Pow who made a brief appearance in the 1950's.
Giuseppe Conte, the Italian Prime Minister elect faces scrutiny over numerous academic claims on his CV centering around New York University and other institutions. (Photo: Wikimedia/Jean-Christophe BENOIST)

Did the Italian Prime Minister In-waiting Just Get Caught Lying on...

Come on, everyone does it don't they? But is it different when a politician allegedly lies on their CV? Italian Prime Minister elect, Giuseppe Conte, faces accusations of embellishment and generally bullshitting loads on his CV.
A traditional Viking wedding couple, Trelleborg, Sweden (Photo: Flickr/Maria Eklind)

The Ultimate Guide to a Viking Wedding

Your knowledge of Vikings weddings and Vikings may begin and end with the antics of Ragnar Lothbrok and his clan in the TV show Vikings. However, a Viking wedding was an elaborate and meticulously planned event, from the opening of financial negotiations to the ending bestowment of the morning-gift.

Floating Island Project Could Liberate Humanity From Dastardly Politicians

Plans for an independent floating nation which may house up to 300 families, provide community facilities such as hotels, restaurants and offices, could help alleviate climate change in French Polynesia.
The Estonian region of Kanepi has been associated with cannabis for over 100 years due to the manufacture of hemp products in the area. (Photo: Wikimedia)

Estonian Town Adopts Cannabis Leaf as Coat of Arms

Rigged elections? Russian Facebook trolls influencing voter behaviour? None of these accusations are being leveled after the Estonian region of Kanepi adopted the cannabis leaf for a new coat of arms.
The Charm Villa goldfish tea bag was originally designed by university students in 2013. (Photo: Facebook/Charm Villa)

Goldfish Tea Bags Swim into Tea-o’clock

Taiwanese firm Charm Villa introduced their goldfish tea bags to the world in 2013. Originally designed by university students, demand for the hand-crafted fish is high with a single bag selling for $20 in America.
Central Africa has seen a 64% reduction in elephant population in the last decade. In 2011, approximately one in twelve African elephants were slaughtered by poachers. (Photo: Wikimedia/Sophie47)

Scientists on the Brink of Creating a Tusk-less Elephant-mammoth to Foil...

The number of elephants in the wild has dropped by a third in the last decade. Despite recent reductions in poaching there are still estimated to be 20,000 elephants killed each year. Could a new strain of elephant-mammoth hybrid help save the species?