Love commando founders Mr. Sanjoy Sachdev and Mr. Harsh Malhotra

Love Commandos risk their lives in India’s dangerous dating game

In 2016 the Indian government reportedĀ an astronomical surge in officially recorded honor killings. Official government statistics on honor killings showed a year on year increase of almost...
Still unaware of the fake wedding guests. Ms. Liu would soon have more to worry about than an uncontrollable bridal train.

Fake wedding guests caught by Chinese bride

We've heard all about fake news but fake wedding guests? C'mon, is nothing sacred anymore. As ridiculous as it sounds this story is not unique, but there...
NY based offer a funny and delicious twist on internet trolling.

Have some Troll Cakes: Baker transforms Trump sound bites into bake off heaven

Troll Cakes Bakery and Detective Agency is the brain child of Brooklyn baker Kat Thek. What is a Troll Cake we hear you cry? Well, it's quite...
Shanghai strawberry cake building

Shanghai cake building fails to meet official cake building regulations

It's the company birthday. We're in Shanghai's conservative historic district. Yeah, let's convert our corporate HQ into an 8 storey Shanghai cake building.

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