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El Caganer (which literally means "the pooper") is a common sight in nativity scenes in Catalonia, Murcia, Valencia, parts of Portugal and even Naples. (© Odd Feed)

Meet the Caganer, Catalonia’s Most Scatological Christmas Guest

Traditional nativity scenes show the Three Wise Men visiting the infant Jesus on the night of his birth in an animal-filled manger. Catalan nativity scenes are somewhat different: they also include a red-hatted farmer, squatting, with his pants around his knees and his bare buttocks exposed. Meet the Caganer, a saintly defecator!

A group of American GIs on night patrol in the Vietnamese jungle.

The Birth of the GI: Tracing a Military Moniker

The US military is a mosaic of nicknames, yet the term “G.I.” dominates. This universally recognized moniker for American troops has intriguing origins. Unravel the mystery of how this enduring label for US servicemen came to be.

Sleep Paralysis Demon.

The Worlds Oldest Demon: The Night-Mare of Sleep Paralysis

An age-old terror, the sleep paralysis demon has tormented humanity throughout the millennia. Today, science triumphs over ancient superstitions, providing insightful explanations for these unnerving nocturnal experiences once attributed to the so-called ‘devil of dreams’.