Initially, Dudu the snoring pig weighed a mere 4kg. Seven years later and she's tipping the scales at an astonishing 150kg! (Photo: YouTube)

Snoring Pig Causes Housing Woes for Chinese Family

Who would have thought a snoring pig could cause so much trouble? It started out innocently enough. Seven years ago a young woman from Shenzhen, China fell...
Facing life in the pokey, Leonard reflects on his poor life choices. (Source: Wikimedia)

Drug-Smuggling Pigeon Rescued from Life of Crime

News flash: customs officials in Abdali, Kuwait have captured an unlikely suspect in a drug-trafficking scheme near the Iraqi border. As Kuwaiti newspaper al-Rai reports, a homing...
Pre-race, Lukas forgets the chronic shin splints and wonders if he overdid the carb loading.

Just Ewe it! Sheep gatecrash Wings for Life run and help fundraisers

Livestock in Germany displayed remarkable stamina and gave charity runners in Germany a helping hand recently.More than 600 sheep gatecrashed the Wings for Life Charity Run in Munich. The...

Russian wolves relieved after government provide transport for axe wielding school children

Russian wolves can breathe a sigh of relief after local government officials stepped into provide alternative travel arrangements for a band of axe wielding school children.

The cheating penguin, the husband and her lover

A cheating penguin has finally been caught in the act. We've conclusive proof that penguins cheat on their partners and have a number of other horrific habits.

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