Clown fish laying in its sea anemone in Moorea, French Polynesia. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Do Fish Ever Get Any Shut-Eye?

Do fish sleep? Sleeping underwater poses some challenges, even for fish. To ensure they get enough oxygen and evade predators, fish have found unique ways to get the rest they need.

Blue glowing ball lightning, computer generated abstract background. (Image: Shutterstock)

Ball Lightning Is Real But What Exactly Is It?

Countless witnesses tell of balls of light that float above ground during thunderstorms. This eery sight has nothing to do with UFOs, and everything to do with bizarre, inexplicable physics.

For thousands of years, Europeans had no clue about where birds went during Winter. Until 1822, when a German hunter shot a stork and discovered an 80cm long African spear protruding from its neck. This provided the first evidence of bird migration to Africa.

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