Mark Zuckerberg and Darth Vader Collect Harvard Degrees

Mark Zuckerbeg, the 33-year-old Facebook CEO, recently returned to Harvard, to receive an honorary doctor of laws degree after having dropped out 12 years earlier. Of course Harvard is...
The record breaking Lego wind turbine took 600 hours to build and used over 146,000 Lego bricks. (Photo: Lego)

Everything is Awesome as Lego break record for Lego wind turbine

A group of Lego boffins have taken renewable energy to another level by building a Lego wind turbine.Not only that, it's a record breaker. The turbine has...
The robird drone will keep Edmonton airport safe by mimicking a raptor and scaring the absolute bejesus out of other birds (Photo: Clearflight Solutions)

Robird drone swoops in to protect airport

We’ve got a new hero flying our skies, Robird, and it’s taken inspiration from the most unlikely of places – Flappy Bird, a mobile game that went...

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