One of the key ingredients of dondurma is salep, a flour made from the tubers of the orchids native to Turkey. (Photo: Pixnio/Bicanski)

Dondurma: Turkish Ice Cream Like No Other

Dondurma is thought to have originated in Maraş, Turkey, which is why it’s also called “Turkish ice cream,” though it is also found in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The Charm Villa goldfish tea bag was originally designed by university students in 2013. (Photo: Facebook/Charm Villa)

Goldfish Tea Bags Swim into Tea-o’clock

Taiwanese firm Charm Villa introduced their goldfish tea bags to the world in 2013. Originally designed by university students, demand for the hand-crafted fish is high with a single bag selling for $20 in America.

For thousands of years, Europeans had no clue about where birds went during Winter. Until 1822, when a German hunter shot a stork and discovered an 80cm long African spear protruding from its neck. This provided the first evidence of bird migration to Africa.

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