Luxury Car Vending Machine? Yes, That’s a Thing!

Now, we’re all used to choosing our favorite snack or beverage from a vending machine when we’re in a hurry. But in Singapore, they’re taking convenience to...
A 3D printed house constructed in just 24 hours at the Apis Cor test facility in the town of Stupino, Russia. (Photo: Apis Cor)

Want to live in a 3D printed house – you’ll have to wait 24...

When you begin househunting, you resign yourself to the fact that it's a lengthy affair. The overcrowded housing market means that it takes years to save enough...
Periodic Table Battleship makes learning Chemistry fun again. (Photo:

Periodic Table Battleship Game Makes Chemistry Fun Again

Now, learning the Periodic Table can be a tricky business. I mean, wouldn’t it be better if you could learn all the elements and still have fun?...
Upcycling to the extreme. Master crafter uses 10,000 candy wrappers to create stunning starburst dress.

Starburst dress made from candy wrappers has the wow factor

Emily Seilhamer, a Pennsylvanian home crafter, spent 4 years creating a stunning Starburst dress from 10,000 candy wrappers.
These delicious bananas could help save the world if banana fibre jeans prove popular.

Try banana jeans this summer – sweat less and save the planet

Banana fibre jeans could be the next big thing in fashion. In most countries it's impossible to imagine our summers without jeans. For Indian people, wearing jeans in...
Virtually shoplifter proof: The Nokia Panimo thousand-pack of beer. (Nokia Panimo)

Thousand-pack of beer please: Finnish brewer outwits rival

A thousand-pack of beer, it turns out, is a considerable investment, $2360 to be precise. It's the brainchild of independent Finnish microbrewer Nokian Panimo Oy, or more specifically...
NY based offer a funny and delicious twist on internet trolling.

Have some Troll Cakes: Baker transforms Trump sound bites into bake off heaven

Troll Cakes Bakery and Detective Agency is the brain child of Brooklyn baker Kat Thek. What is a Troll Cake we hear you cry? Well, it's quite...

For Sale: Life-size 24 karat gold Darth Vader mask

How would you like to get your hands on a solid gold Darth Vader mask? If you have a spare $1.4 million in pocket change your luck...
Khal Drogo and Khaleesi cosplayers

Ki fin yeni! Dothraki to be taught at Californian University

This summer Berkeley UC Linguistics department will be running a six week course on Dothraki. The course will be taught by master linguist David J Peterson who...
Age inappropriate Bratz dolls

The Devon professor championing the Bratz doll makeunder

Tasmanian mother, Sonia Singh, and English Professor, Emma Cayley, are upcycling entrepreneurs championing the Bratz doll makeunder.

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