Serbian Scissorhands invents the Kim Jong Un haircut

Written By Chris Gonzalez
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How everyone reacts to mounting worldwide tension, not seen since the days of the Cuban missile crisis, is different. Ok, maybe stating the obvious, but really, we’re on solid ground here. No-one has quite reacted like Serbian barber Mario Hvala. Mario has laughed in the face of a short-back-and-sides or traditional buzz cut. Instead the Serbian stylist recently opted to shave a portrait of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un into a customers head.

Kim Jong Un haircut

Mario Hvala, is a stylist at House Damian Hair and Make-up. We’re not sure if his latest style will have patrons queuing round the block of his Novi Sad studio but it’s certainly original. The other thing is, Mario has a real talent, his portraits are strikingly accurate, especially given the medium he is working with.

How did this tyrannical trim come about? He had a dream of course. And, going by the results he must have eaten a whole packet of Serbian Cheddar before bedtime!

Mario said: “I had a dream about [Kim Jong Un] and his delegations visiting me in my living room. When I woke up, I decided to do this hair tattoo, and it came out looking pretty amazing.”

It would seem lots of people think Mario’s work is amazing. The short video he posted on Facebook has since gone viral and to date has 128,000 views and 940 shares.

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Mario doesn’t just dabble in dictators though. The talented hair sculptor has a penchant for shaving celebrity portraits with similar spectacular results. The recent Mayweather v McGregor fight saw Mario take to the scalpel for another of his trademark hair tattoo’s.

Kim Jong Un was unavailable for comment.


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