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A fur trapper circa 1870 in the Rockies.

The Ten Gallon Hat: A Tall Tale Still Told

Despite its deceptive moniker, the ten-gallon hat—iconic Stetson headwear—far from containing a voluminous ten gallons, holds an esteemed place in the symbolic heritage of cowboy culture, its timeless appeal rooted in the rugged heart of the American West.

Found in Western Austraslia, Dolophones conifera, also known as the wrap-around spider, can wrap itself around limbs of trees as camouflage. (Photo: Flickr/Dustaway CC BY-NC 2.0)

The Wrap Around Spider and the Man Who Discovered It

Count Eugen Wilhelm Theodor von Keyserling, celebrated for his extraordinary arachnid iconographies, unveiled the mesmerizing wrap-around spider within his acclaimed oeuvre—a testament to its excellence, recognized as one of the finest depictions of these creatures ever documented.