Want a Crumpled Paper Cup Used by Elvis? Too Late, It Just Sold For $3300

A crumpled paper cup allegedly used by The King of Rock and Roll 62 years ago has just sold for thousands of dollars on Ebay.


What can $3300 buy you today? A really, really good night out, as long as you avoid the casino. Dinner for you and five friends at the Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville in Crissier, Switzerland. Pricey, but you do get 11 courses, although the wine is extra, so you might want to ditch one of your friends. You never really like Chad anyway. No? How about a crumpled Dixie paper cup that Elvis Pressley once used and threw away? Yeah, we had you at crumpled paper cup, didn’t we.

Elvis Pressley’s Paper Cup

No, the world has not gone mad. Actually yes, it has, because a hotel in England has won an ebay auction for a paper cup that Elvis allegedly drank from in 1956. Amazingly the paper cup was a popular item and attracted 85 bids from 30 different bidders. Apparently, the winning bidder, the Icon Hotel in Luton, holds Elvis tribute nights, so we guess there’s a tenuous business case somewhere in there if you dig deep enough.

If Elvis knew his discarded paper cup would fetch $3300 you could have knocked him over with a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich. (Photo: Wikipedia)
If Elvis knew his discarded paper cup would fetch $3300 you could have knocked him over with a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich. (Photo: Wikipedia)

The story goes that Elvis the Pelvis entertained the good people of Tulsa in April 1956. Before gyrating off to Oklahoma City for another gig, The King, graced Borden’s Cafe with his presence, and took a drink from the now famous and valuable Dixie paper cup. We can’t confirm if Elvis was swiveling his hips whilst drinking from said paper cup but we’d like to think he was.

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Fast forward 62 years and Elvis memorabilia hunter, Wade Jones, managed to acquire the paper cup, a document of authenticity and a box for holding the aforementioned. Jones has form for selling Elvis paraphernalia and successfully pocketed $450 from the auction of 3 table spoons of water in 2004. The water allegedly came from a cup used by Ol’ Snake Hips in 1977 during a concert. Honestly, we’re not making this stuff up. But it does make you wonder what happened to that particular cup and also does Mr. Jones have more Elvis cup-based auctions up his sleeve? Because if he’s not selling the cup Elvis drank from he’s auctioning off it’s contents. It’s hard not to spot the pattern – uh huh huh.



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