Nathan Chilcott

Two women and two men assist during childbirth. (Image: Wikimedia/National Library of Medicine/Gustave Joseph Witkowski)

Why Were Chainsaws Invented?

Why were chainsaws invented? These handy modern tools have a surprising background. Find out their origins in medicine and in preventing maternal death

A Hammerhead worm from Borneo (Photo: Shutterstock/Simon Schim)

The Fearsome Hammerhead Worm

The scary Hammerhead Worm is taking over the world and eating the earthworms in our gardens. Find out more about bipalium kewense and how to control them

Deafening silence (Photo: Unsplash/ Kristina Flour)

What Is A Deafening Silence?

A deafening silence is the absence of sound, but it’s the noise that comes before it that really makes it deafening. You can only appreciate the silence because of the noise beforehand.

For thousands of years, Europeans had no clue about where birds went during Winter. Until 1822, when a German hunter shot a stork and discovered an 80cm long African spear protruding from its neck. This provided the first evidence of bird migration to Africa.

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