Goldfish Tea Bags Swim into Tea-o’clock

Taiwanese firm Charm Villa introduced their goldfish tea bags to the world in 2013. Originally designed by university students, demand for the hand-crafted fish is high with a single bag selling for $20 in America.


Tea by itself is an elegant and relaxing beverage enjoyed by individuals all around the globe. However, the Taiwanese company Charm Villa has taken the enjoyment of tea up a notch with their innovative creation of the goldfish tea bag. Just like the name implies, these tea bags are gorgeously shaped like goldfish whose little bodies are full of an herbal blend.

When the goldfish tea bag is first taken out of the box, it is cute enough, but lacks any real definition or color other than being a paper goldfish. However, as soon as you submerge the little fish in a mug of hot water, you can watch as the goldfish “blooms” as the herbal mix within its body unfurls and releases its cavalcade of beautiful colors and flavors. These goldfish come in four flavors, which include three different types of oolong tea and one black tea variation.

Swimming Tea Bags

In Taiwan, goldfish tea bags generally sell for around $35 for 12 bags. In the United States, these adorable and unique goldfish tea bags sell for upwards of $20 per bag. On Amazon, a box of goldfish tea bags goes for as high as $80, though it is possible to find cheaper options on sites like eBay.Charm Villa offers these charming tea bags online only for those outside of Taiwan, though because of their popularity, they are rarely in stock for long.

The Charm Villa goldfish tea bag can sell for up to $20 per tea bag in America. (Photo: Facebook/Charm Villa)
The Charm Villa goldfish tea bag can sell for up to $20 per tea bag in America. (Photo: Facebook/Charm Villa)

This high price does not stop people in the US from demanding the distinctive drink option. Further, this is perhaps the first time a tea bag itself has been designed, rather than the metal loose leaf diffusers that have seen a variety of design innovation in recent years. No matter what your tea preference, there really is something mesmerizing about watching one of these little swimmers come to colorful life in your mug.

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