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Latest Stories by Gabriel Wright

A portrait of Viktor Bryukhanov, Chernobyl's director during the 1986 disaster.

Viktor Bryukhanov: A Life Shadowed by Chernobyl

Viktor Bryukhanov’s life, marked by his role as Chernobyl’s director during the 1986 disaster, unfolds a compelling narrative. His journey, from overseeing plant construction, confronting the calamitous aftermath, facing trial, and living a post-prison life, offers a profound exploration of a significant historical figure.

A portrait of Diana and Unity Mitford.

Fascism and Literature: The Paradoxical Legacy of the Mitford Sisters

Delve into the captivating world of the Mitford Sisters, an aristocratic family whose lives were marked by scandal, political extremes, and literary brilliance. From their privileged upbringing to their controversial associations, discover the enduring legacy of these enigmatic women and their lasting impact on history and culture.