Two piglets, more commonly known as dinner in Pewsey Fire station, England. (Photo: Flickr/A.Sparrow)

Firefighters Pig Out On Piglets Rescued From Barn

Firefighters from Pewsey in England have caused controversy by scoffing piglets they save 6 months earlier in a barn fire.
The Jake Budha Bar in Brisbane are sticklers for adhering to local liquor laws (Photo:

A Danish Crown Prince Doesn’t Walk Into a Bar

Strict new lockout laws in Australia prevented Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark from downing some tinnies with his cobbers.
Spiderman could be out of a job after a team of scientists create super strength web silk that's as tough as kevlar. (Photo: Flickr/tales2astonish)

Scientists Level Up Humans With Super Strength Spider Webs

The days of Spidertman could be numbered as a team of scientists have invented toughened web silk as strong as kevlar and capable of holding a human.
With a market capitalization of over $1billion Vietjet's distinctive marketing has reaped huge dividends. (Photo: Youtube/VietJet)

VietJet Bikinis Stripped from Flight Attendants on New Route

VietJet bikinis are in the news again. Scantily clad flight attendants from the budget Vietnamese carrier will have to cover-up on a new route to Jakarta.

Bearpit Karaoke at the Berlin Death Strip

The bearpit karaoke sessions taking place in what used to be the Berlin Wall's death strip are quickly winning the hearts of Berlin music lovers.
The gay singing sailor sign being lowered into the water just off Stockholm. Installed in 2015 the sign is tasked with greeting Russian submariners who may merely be passing by. (Photo:

Swedes Troll Russian Subs With Gay Singing Sailor Sign

How should you respond when Russian submarines allegedly breach sovereign waters? Isn't it obvious? A gay singing sailor sign of course!
You talkin' to me? Over a dozen members of a granny debt collection racket have been jailed in Henan province, China. (Photo: Pixabay/Mikelmania)

Chinese Gangsta Grannies Jailed in Loan Shark Sting

You talkin' to me? Over a dozen members of a gangster granny debt collection racket have been jailed in Henan province, China.
A 106 year-old fruitcake has been found in a man cave in Antarctica. Get the kettle on it's time for elevenses! (Photo: Antarctic Heritage Trust)

Antarctica – The Land of Penguins, Strange Huts, and Really Old...

A 106 year old fruitcake has been found in Antarctica which was likely brought during Captain Scott's ill-fated 1910 Terra Nova Expedition.
These spectacular owl cabins in Bordeaux are the ninth public shelter to be constructed in the city suburbs. (Photo:

The Amazing Owl Cabins of Bordeaux Where You Can Stay for...

An art and architecture initiative in Bordeaux means visitors can stay overnight in bespoke owl cabins for absolutely free.