Maria Rasputin: The Fascinating Life of the “Mad Monk’s” Daughter

Born in 1899 to a family of peasants, Maria Rasputin was raised by royal governesses only to end up living a fugitive life after her father was brutally murdered.

Spring heeled Jack: The Leaping Devil Who Spread Hysteria in Victorian Britain

In 19th-century London, a fire-breathing demon known as "spring heeled Jack" reportedly leapt from walls and terrorized citizens—often women walking alone at night.

Götz von Berlichingen and His Famous Iron Fist

Götz von Berlichingen's iron hand is one of the most renowned examples of innovative prosthetics in the 16th century.

Trobriand Islanders of Melanesia

The Trobiand Islands off the east coast of New Guinea offer a fascinating look into a culture unaffected by Western civilization.




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The Plague Doctor Hat and Its Secret History

17th century plague doctor's outfit included bird-like mask… eery but effective

The Marine Iguana: The World’s Only Ocean-going Lizard

Charles Darwin dubbed the Marine Iguana “disgusting clumsy lizards” and "imps of darkness" but they are actually the world's only ocean-going lizard.

Mad Jack Churchill, Sword-Wielding Nazi Slayer

Mad Jack Churchill was the only soldier during World War Two credited with dispatching an enemy with a longbow. If his longbow wasn't handy Mad Jack was just as comfortable with a Scottish broadsword.

La Casa del Arbol and the Swing at the End of the World

Treehouse at the edge of the world offers visitors a ride of a lifetime

The Statue of Unity: A Colossal and Controversial Wonder

Statue of Indian statesman Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel considered world's tallest

Anti manspreading chair ticks the box for innovation

Humour is often overlooked when trying to tackle and raise awareness of social issues. That's not an accusation you can level at British designer Laila Laurel. Laurel's anti manspreading chair is a funny and clever take on how to deal with the ills of man-spreading.

Amsterdam vegan restaurant offers greenhouse dining to outfox COVID-19

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. It's even more relevant if you plan on dining inside aforementioned glass house. Dutch restaurant Mediamatic Biotoop have thought of a cunning plan, involving long planks of wood and greenhouses, to further the cause of post corona dining.

Glass Gem Corn – Jewels You Can Pop!

Glass Gem Corn has been an internet hit due to it's beautiful rainbow colours. However, the real story is how a determined Carl Barnes patiently developed rainbow corn and helped restore an important piece of lost Cherokee heritage.

The improbable tale of the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

There is a real tree-lined Tunnel of Love near Klevan in the Ukraine. It was originally planted to camouflage a military base during the Cold War. Tourists now flock to the picturesque site for romantic strolls and photo opportunities. There's a small caveat, it's still a working railway used by the local plywood factory.

Try a Virtual Escape Room and Spice Up Your Next Zoom Call!

A Seattle based company has managed to adapt to survive and thrive in tough pandemic conditions. Puzzle Break developed their first virtual escape room in just 3 weeks. Their success has meant 50% of their staff have been brought back from furlough.

Ivar the Boneless: Separating the real man from Norse legend

Ivar the Boneless is a legendary figure from the Norse sagas, apparently inspired by a real Viking who led a brutal army into England in 865 AD.

Canned Bread – Yes, it’s a thing and been around for centuries!

Canned bread might just be the ideal canapé base for apocalypse dining. However, in New England, it's been around for centuries where it is a quintessential childhood tradition