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Latest Stories in Science

A pregnant 19th century settler in the American West.

The Birth of Chainsaws: The Why Behind the Buzz

Ever wondered why chainsaws were invented? Contrary to what one might expect, these now-indispensable modern tools possess a startlingly unconventional origin. Dive deeper into their fascinating history, tracing their roots back to the medical field – specifically aiding childbirth and combatting maternal mortality rates.

Deafening silence (Photo: Unsplash/ Kristina Flour)

What Is A Deafening Silence?

A deafening silence is the absence of sound, but it’s the noise that comes before it that really makes it deafening. You can only appreciate the silence because of the noise beforehand.

Clouds are made up of air and water. When light passes through a cloud, the water droplets scatter the light reflected from the sun. (Photo: PxHere)

Why Are Clouds White?

The answer to the question “Why are clouds white?” lies in how different-sized particles scatter the light that passes through clouds.