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Chinese Gangsta Grannies Jailed in Loan Shark Sting

You talkin' to me? Over a dozen members of a gangster granny debt collection racket have been jailed in Henan province, China.

Sicilian Firefighters Accused of Arson

15 Volunteer firefighters in Ragusa, Sicily, have been arrested after being caught deliberately starting fires so they would be called to extinguish them.

Chinese Muggles Sack Party Officials For Casting Spells

Two Chinese officials have been dismissed from the country's ruling Communist Party and face charges for allegedly casting spells and geomancy.

Wombs For Rent In Laos As Surrogacy Finds New Home

With the recent banning of surrogacy in many countries in southeast Asia, fertility clinics in Laos are cashing in, offering wombs for rent at...

First Afghan surfer wants to inspire a new generation of Afghan surfers – yes really!

Afridun Amu has become the first Afghan surfer to compete in the ISA World Surfing Games, held this May in Biarritz, France. Remember Eric the...

Beercycling Danish brewer is quite literally taking the pisner

Ever heard of the term beercycling? No, we haven't either. Always willing to take new ideas on board we're intrigued by the concept of...

Mail me to the GOP website couriers ashes of ‘victims’ to Republican congressmen

A new website called Mail me to the GOP has recently been set-up by Zoey Salisbury, a student at the American University in Washington. The...

How on earth did woman swallow $7,000 during fight with husband?

Media outlets are awash with the story of a 30 year old Colombian woman who gobbled up $7,000. The woman from the Colombian city...

Napercise classes offer respite to tired gym-goers

A UK gym chain is offering 'Napercise' classes where you can sleep for 45 minutes. The David Lloyd group has come up with the...

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Eshima Ohashi Bridge: World’s Scariest Bridge?

The eerily steep bridge connecting Matsue and Sakaiminato is the largest rigid frame bridge in Japan and the third-largest in the world.

The Bagworm Moth Caterpillar: Master of Architecture and Illusion

The bagworm moth caterpillar is unique among moth species in that it uses bits of twigs, leaves, and bark to create its cocoon, providing vital camouflage.

Queering the Map: Documenting memories, moments and experiences

A collaborative mapping project created by Montreal-based Lucas LaRochelle, Queering the Map started as a class project, which has since grown to a shared community space for all.