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Latest Stories by Natalia Cooke

Teru teru bozu

Teru Teru Bozu: The Little Ghost that Controls the Weather

Japan’s enigmatic teru teru bozu, weather-charming talismans, carry tales steeped in mystery and folklore. From gruesome monks to sacrificial young girls, these cherished dolls encapsulate a culture’s ancient weather-control hopes, continuing to dangle from windows, inviting sunshine into rainy days.

A tattooed Filipino warrior from the 19th-century.

Whang-Od: The Matriarch of Filipino Tribal Tattoo Artistry

At 106, Whang-Od Oggay, the last living Mambabatok in a remote Philippine village, maintains the dying art of Kalinga—traditional tribal tattooing. Her lifetime dedicated to inking triumphant warriors teeters on extinction, posing a poignant threat to this unique cultural heritage.