The Countess of Castiglione: Napoleonic Femme Fatale

The Countess of Castiglione would use her beauty to seduce a monarch and influence the formation of Italy. However, her true legacy was her pioneering work in photography.

The Unbelievable Ridiculousness of the 1904 Olympic Marathon

The 1904 Olympic Marathon had 32 questionable athletes who engaged in ridiculous acts that would've gotten them disqualified today.

You Need to Know about the Loudest Sound Ever

In 1883, a volcano erupted on a small island in Indonesia with such force that it tore the island in two and resulted in the Loudest Sound Ever.

The Aztec Death Whistle and Its Bloodcurdling Scream

The bloodcurdling scream the Aztec death whistle makes explains why the Aztecs may have used it as an intimidation tactic in battle — or in human sacrifice.




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Russian wolves relieved after government provide transport for axe wielding school children

Russian wolves can breathe a sigh of relief after local government officials stepped into provide alternative travel arrangements for a band of axe wielding school children.

The cheating penguin, the husband and her lover

A cheating penguin has finally been caught in the act. We've conclusive proof that penguins cheat on their partners and have a number of other horrific habits.

Shanghai cake building fails to meet official cake building regulations

It's the company birthday. We're in Shanghai's conservative historic district. Yeah, let's convert our corporate HQ into an 8 storey Shanghai cake building.

Dave the worm executed after smashing world record

Dave the worm is the sad tale of a record breaking earthworm. Dave was sacrificed in the name of science by staff at the British Natural History Museum.

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