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Latest Stories by Jo-Anne Bartley

Viking Wedding.

The Ultimate Guide to a Viking Wedding

Beyond the TV show Vikings, Viking weddings were intricately planned occasions. From financial negotiations to morning-gift exchanges, these elaborate events surpassed popular portrayals, offering a glimpse into the richness of Norse culture.

Abstract painting of Hoba Meteorite.

The Heavenly Dance of Hoba: A Meteorite Story

Nestled within Namibia’s Grootfontein, on the enchanting Hoba West farm, rests a colossal rock exceeding 60 tonnes. Unearthed by a vigilant farmer in 1920, the remarkable Hoba meteorite reigns supreme as the grandest monolith, a testament to Earth’s encounter with the cosmos.

Costa Rica disbanded its army in 1949. It's one of the only countries in the world that forbids an army in its constitution. Costa Rica's approach has been adopted by six sovereign states in the Americas: Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Haiti, and Panama.

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