The Countess of Castiglione: Napoleonic Femme Fatale

The Countess of Castiglione would use her beauty to seduce a monarch and influence the formation of Italy. However, her true legacy was her pioneering work in photography.

The Unbelievable Ridiculousness of the 1904 Olympic Marathon

The 1904 Olympic Marathon had 32 questionable athletes who engaged in ridiculous acts that would've gotten them disqualified today.

You Need to Know about the Loudest Sound Ever

In 1883, a volcano erupted on a small island in Indonesia with such force that it tore the island in two and resulted in the Loudest Sound Ever.

The Aztec Death Whistle and Its Bloodcurdling Scream

The bloodcurdling scream the Aztec death whistle makes explains why the Aztecs may have used it as an intimidation tactic in battle — or in human sacrifice.




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Now, learning the Periodic Table can be a tricky business. I mean, wouldn’t it be better if you could learn all the elements and...

Yes! There’s a Ned Flanders Band called Okilly Dokilly.

When you think of heavy metal music, you don’t tend to think of the colorful cartoon television series, The Simpsons. And you definitely wouldn’t...

Starburst dress made from candy wrappers has the wow factor

Emily Seilhamer, a Pennsylvanian home crafter, spent 4 years creating a stunning Starburst dress from 10,000 candy wrappers.

Brazilian merman thinks it’s better where it’s wetter

Davi Moreira, a 22-year-old Brazilian, loves spending time swimming in the sea during the long hot Brazilian days. But that's not all: he feels...

First Afghan surfer wants to inspire a new generation of Afghan surfers – yes really!

Afridun Amu has become the first Afghan surfer to compete in the ISA World Surfing Games, held this May in Biarritz, France. Remember Eric the...

Try banana jeans this summer – sweat less and save the planet

Banana fibre jeans could be the next big thing in fashion. In most countries it's impossible to imagine our summers without jeans. For Indian people,...

Just Ewe it! Sheep gatecrash Wings for Life run and help fundraisers

Livestock in Germany displayed remarkable stamina and gave charity runners in Germany a helping hand recently. More than 600 sheep gatecrashed the Wings for Life Charity Run...

Diabetes cured in mice – mice ecstatic, monkeys cautiously optimistic

Lab mice have been cured of diabetes by two researchers from UT San Antonio. Bruno Doiron and  Ralph A DeFronzo have successfully treated mice with Type...

Beercycling Danish brewer is quite literally taking the pisner

Ever heard of the term beercycling? No, we haven't either. Always willing to take new ideas on board we're intrigued by the concept of...

Mail me to the GOP website couriers ashes of ‘victims’ to Republican congressmen

A new website called Mail me to the GOP has recently been set-up by Zoey Salisbury, a student at the American University in Washington. The...

Love Commandos risk their lives in India’s dangerous dating game

  The Love Commandos, headquartered in Delhi, are an NGO set up in 2010 by Sanjoy Sachdev and Harsh Malhotra. The organisation helps young couples escape...

Thousand-pack of beer please: Finnish brewer outwits rival

A thousand-pack of beer, it turns out, is a considerable investment, $2360 to be precise. It's the brainchild of independent Finnish microbrewer Nokian Panimo...

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