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Latest Stories by Angus Harrison

Emu Uprising by Odd Feed

The Battle of Beaks: Australia’s Great Emu War

The Great Emu War of 1932 saw Australia’s military pitted against emus that wreaked havoc on Western Australian farms. Initially unsuccessful, the battle turned with a bounty system, reminding us of the emus’ resilience and marking a peculiar moment in history.

Indo-European languages in Europe. Note that the borders are not country borders. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Iolaafi)

The Proto-Indo-Europeans: The Lost Culture Connecting Europe to India

In Indian mythology, the god Indra rescues the world by killing an evil serpent with a thunderbolt. In Norse mythology, Thor famously slays the serpent Jörmungandr with thunder. This similarity is one tantalizing clue to the fact that the mythologies and languages of Europe and India share a common source—a lost culture about which we know little, but owe much.