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Latest Stories in History

Jenny Hanniver

Jenny Haniver: The Original Fake Mermaid

In the 16th century, sailors crafted Jenny Hanivers, grotesque maritime souvenirs resembling ‘devil fish,’ as an intriguing side hustle. These eerie creations echo today’s fascination with sci-fi horrors, resonating the aesthetic of iconic movies like ‘Aliens’.

Frozen Charlotte Dolls

The Grisly Tale Behind Frozen Charlotte Dolls

What was bath time like for you as a child? Loads of bubble-bath, maybe the obligatory rubber duck or some colorful plastic cups? Did you ever enjoy your soapy adventures with a porcelain doll embodying the spirit of a teenage girl who froze to death on her way to a New Year’s ball? Those Victorians were a dark bunch.

Snap Crackle and Pop

The Snap! Crackle! Pop! Origin Story

Since 1932, Snap, Crackle and Pop have been iconic cereal mascots, netting creator Vernon Grant a quarter of a million dollars. Yet few know of Pow, their ephemeral fourth member who surfaced briefly in the 1950s.

Viking Wedding.

The Ultimate Guide to a Viking Wedding

Beyond the TV show Vikings, Viking weddings were intricately planned occasions. From financial negotiations to morning-gift exchanges, these elaborate events surpassed popular portrayals, offering a glimpse into the richness of Norse culture.