The Tunnel of Love near Klavan, Ukraine. (Photo: Wikimedia/greentourua)

The improbable tale of the Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

There is a real tree-lined Tunnel of Love near Klevan in the Ukraine. It was originally planted to camouflage a military base during the Cold War. Tourists now flock to the picturesque site for romantic strolls and photo opportunities. There’s a small caveat, it’s still a working railway used by the local plywood factory.

Now a tourist attraction the Hoba meteorite is estimated to have struck earth around 80,000 years ago. (Photo: Wikmedia/Sergio Conti)

Hoba, the Meteorite that Skipped Through Space

On a farm called Hoba West, near Grootfontein in Namibia, lies a 60 tonne-plus hunk of rock. Discovered by a farmer in 1920, the Hoba meteorite is the largest known, single piece, meteorite to have struck earth.