Have some Troll Cakes: Baker transforms Trump sound bites into bake off heaven

Written By Becka Keeley
in Want

Troll Cakes Bakery and Detective Agency is the brain child of Brooklyn baker Kat Thek. What is a Troll Cake we hear you cry? Well, it’s quite simple:

  1. Take one troll-like comment on social media or the internet (shouldn’t be too hard).
  2. Commission the Troll Cakes Bakery to make the aforementioned comment into a lovely, big chocolate brownie cake, with frosting, sprinkles and icing.
  3. Troll Cakes will then box the cake up and mail it to the troll who made the original comment.

Simple, easy and ingenious!

Ok, we know what you’re going to say next. How can I send a Troll Cake if I don’t know the persons address? Well, remember the company is called Troll Cakes Bakery and Detective Agency. That’s right, for an additional fee, Kat Thek’s team shall ‘get all Sherlock’ and track down troll commenters who you wish to send a cake to.

The standard Troll Cakes service costs $35. Whilst the detective agency add-on is more expensive at $60 due to the extra leg-work involved. However, you should remember that the bakery don’t quite have the same resources as the FBI or NSA and not all detective cases are accepted.

Kat Thek offers a third cake service with a funny twist, or not so funny depending on your sense of humour and political leanings. Troll Cakes offer a ‘Tiny Hands Special’. This service will send Donald Trump a cake to the White House emblazoned with your favorite tweet.  This is the cheapest of the three options coming in at $30. Making a point?


So, it’s undeniably a clever idea but what about the actual cake? Is a Troll Cake safe to eat? Well yes, it’s just a normal chocolate brownie cake and the website takes care to point out that they avoid nuts in their cake mix.

Unfortunately, if you want to send a troll cake the recipients have to reside in the USA.

In 1918, Austrian artist Oskar Kokoschka commissioned a life-sized sex doll of his former lover, Alma Mahler (widow of composer Gustav Mahler and then-wife of architect Walter Gropius). He dressed it in custom-made clothes and took it with him on trips, to cafés, and to the theater. He destroyed it publicly several years later, claiming it had “cured him of his passions." 

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