Flies can nap during the day but do the majority of their sleeping at night. In fact the sleeping patterns of flies are remarkably similar to human sleeping habits. (Photo: Pixabay/Emphyrio)

Do Flies Sleep?

So many factors surrounding sleep still baffle scientists. Flies who have remarkably similar sleeping patterns to humans are helping to unlock some of these mysteries.
Walking Corpse Syndrome, also known as Cotard's Syndrome or Cotard's Delusion, leaves sufferers believing that they are real-life versions of the walkers that fill our television and movie screens. (Photo: Pikist)

Walking Corpse Syndrome: Walking Dead Comes to Life

Scientists are fascinated and confounded by Walking Corpse Syndrome, a condition that leaves people believing that they are real-life versions of the walkers that fill our television and movie screens.
Call of the void or High-place phenomenon is experienced by around 50% of people during their lifetime. (Photo: Pixabay)

The Call of the Void and its Perilous Lure

Some people experience a compulsion to step off the edge of high places. This illogical urge is called l’appel du vide by the French but translates into English as the more ominous-sounding call of the void.
Construction of the original Amber Room started in Prussia in the year 1701. The room was gifted to Russian czar Peter the Great by Friedrich I, during a state visit to Prussia in 1716. (Photo: Wikimedia/Andrey Zeest)

Behind the Walls of the Amber Room

The mystery of the lost Eighth Wonder of the World
Mola mola fish. (Photo: Flickr/Tom Bridge)

Mola Mola Fish: Natural Anomaly and Evolutionary Eyesore

The ocean sunfish, also known as mola mola fish, are not only the largest bony fish species in the ocean, but also the highest-ranking vertebrate reproducer on the planet.
The original Museum of Bad Art was located in the basement of a theater in Dedham, MA, and was protected by a fake security camera. (Photo: Museum of Bad Art Facebook page)

Museum of Bad Art: Disastrous Results of Well-intended Art

Based on the ethos of well-intended art with disastrous results, the Museum of Bad Art contains a number of unique pieces with a cult following.
The Venezuela poodle moth is named for its appearance of a cross between a moth and a poodle. (Photo: PickPik)

The Venezuelan Poodle Moth: Fact or Fluffy Fiction?

In 2009, Dr. Arthur Anker photographed this moth in the Gran Sabana region of Venezuela. But over a decade later, its validity is still up for debate.
Teru teru bozu are traditional Japanese handmade dolls usually hung outside windows by string. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Jun OHWADA)

Teru Teru Bozu: Ghost-like Figurines from Japan

Japanese farmers hang teru teru bōzu, small handmade dolls made of white paper or cloth, outside their windows in the hope they will bring good weather.
Pink lemonade is the quintessential summer drink. But did you ever wonder what it's made of and where it came from? (Photo: Pixabay/Jill Wellington)

What Is Pink Lemonade and Where Does It Come From?

The not-so-rosy origins of pink lemonade may come from the home of all things weird and wonderful — the circus.