Lonomia obliqua is the deadliest caterpillar in the world. Native to South America it Bristles with hollow hairs that can puncture the skin of a grown man and inject a flow of deadly toxins. (Photo: Wikimedia/Centro de Informações Toxicológicas de Santa Catarina)

The Deadliest Caterpillar On The Planet – Lonomia obliqua

You may be familiar with the children’s book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle. It’s the innocent tale of a hungry caterpillar who eats his way through the week. Another caterpillar, Lonomia obliqua, is nothing like that. In fact Lonomia obliqua is the deadliest caterpillar in the world.

Eric was really, really, really, ridiculously good looking, but it came at a steep price. (Photo: Wikimedia/SusuMa)

Popular wild animals found to be disadvantaged

If you’re an endangered wild animal and ridiculously good looking then it could be a distinct disadvantage. A study has found the most popular endangered species are seen so often in the media that it creates a false impression of well being.

For thousands of years, Europeans had no clue about where birds went during Winter. Until 1822, when a German hunter shot a stork and discovered an 80cm long African spear protruding from its neck. This provided the first evidence of bird migration to Africa.

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